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About us

An Introduction about us:

First of all, we would like to welcome you to the Himalayan country of Nepal and greatly appreciate your noble cause for a visit to this country. We would like go give you a short introduction about us.

The sole ambition behind the establishment of our company is to expose the world to the hidden beauty of the Himalayas and the people who live their lives in this wondrous country. At the top of the highest hills or at the bottom of the lowest valleys, we bring you closer to nature to experience the Himalayan wilderness and to discover the love between people and the beautiful landscape that surrounds them. We believe that true happiness comes from the process of sharing love.

Why Travel With Us?

We are a team of young professionals who strongly believe in “Quality over Quantity”. Therefore, we are determined to deliver you with the best and make your stay in Nepal memorable and beautiful. Experience Nepal with experienced, friendly and enthusiatic team of guides and porters. We aren’t just a travel company, we’re your travel COMPANION.

Our Motto: Sustainable quality travel, small group, local company, ecotourism.

Following are some of our traits, our Mantras that set us apart from other trekking companies.

Your safety and health is our first priority:

A trip to the Himalayas is adventurous and exciting due to its beautiful scenery. However, there are also some risks of altitude sickness, food poisoning and health issues such as muscle cramps and fever during the trekking. To encounter such problems and to ensure the maximum safety of our guests, our guides and ground staff undergo regular training.

Our guides are well-trained in providing basic first-aid services and carry the first-aid kit with key medicines and equipment at all times. We are well equipped to take you safely to the Himalayas and bring you back safely. In addition, we provide adequate information regarding health, physical exercise etc. to our guests long before their arrival in Nepal, so that they can do proper preparations for their upcoming trekking.

Well trained and experienced local guides:

To ensure a successful trip in the land of the Himalayas, it is absolutely necessary to have a well-trained and trust-worthy  guide. All our trekking guides and leaders are certified by NATHM (Nepal Academy of Tourism and Hospital Management). They are well trained, WFA certified and undergone several training for conservation and biodiversity. All our guides and leaders are:

✔ Experienced and local
✔ Fluent in English
✔ Leadership trained
✔ Intensive Wilderness First Aid trained
✔ High Altitude Evacuations trained

Fully licensed and registered local company:

We are a local licensed and registered travel company in Nepal. This allows us to meet certain standards and set benchmarks within tourism Industry. We offer you the best possible price, which is middle man free. We are very transparent about the costs and don’t have any extra hidden charges.

Authentic quality service / Small group:

Unlike many other travel companies, we focus on providing our guests with authentic quality experience by forming a small group. Authenticity and quality service are two of our main motives, which is why we like to limit our travel groups to smaller sizes. Every customer wants a different experience and it is our responsibility to provide it. The ability to be tailored to the individual needs of the guest and to provide a quality service that meets their expectations is the reason why many of our guests return to us again and again.

Hospitality that wins hearts:

Once you have decided to travel with us, we will take you under our wing. All questions before, during and after the journey will be answered immediately. In addition, our guides will help you create memories that last a lifetime, whether you’re interacting with locals, visiting monuments, or just staying overnight in hotels. “Atithi Devo Bhava” (The guest is god) is the very Mantra recite to offer you friendly and modest Nepalese hospitality. Our passion to create a unique experience also extends to the creation of unique packages for you, as we have vowed to take care of you and make you feel like you’re home away from home.

Unbiased treatment of Porters:

Porters are an integral part of all the journeys to the Himalayas that carry the burden on their backs.No expedition or journey can go as smoothly as necessary without the help of a carrier. They are the ones who carry most of the luggage in varied terrain and on dangerous roads. They deserve the same respect and appreciation without being exploited. We are committed to be a fair and responsible company. We guarantee following benefits to all our porters:

✔ Fair wages and bonus
✔ Quality health and life insurance
✔ Allow only 15 – 20 kg load
✔ Proper Equipment
✔ Skill Development Training and Promotions

Sustainable and eco-friendly travel approach:

To improve people’s well-being and protect nature, we follow sustainable travel practices. Preserving the natural environment, supporting local businesses and supporting cultural projects are the three main pillars on which we are focusing to address the issue of sustainable travel in the Himalayas. It’s time to think more about our own carbon footprints, which we must not ignore.

Why do we promote sustainable tourism?

✔ Positive effects on the environment
✔ Positive effects on society
✔ Positive effects on the economy

Support team 24/7

Our support team is here to help you all year round and strives to give you an excellent and fast answer to your questions. If you need help or have any questions about your trekking or booking, you can always email us ( or call us anytime at +977-9841784192.

We will process your request immediately and try to solve the problem as soon as possible.

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