Trekadviser Advice –  FAQs and Answers

A: Yes, of course. We are based in all over Nepal and we arrange tour guides and experienced drivers as well as..
Visa can be obtained on arrival at the Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu, at Nepal-India border entry points in Kakiadvitta, Birgunj, Bhairahawa,Nepalgunj,Gaddachowki, and Kodari on Nepal-China border. Visa can also be obtained at the nearest Embassy or Diplomatic Mission. Visa can also be obtained (renewal purposes) at Department of Immigration, Kathmandu Tourist Visa Nepal Visa Facility Duration Fee Multiple entry 15 days US$ 25 or equivalent convertible currency Multiple entry 30 days US$ 40 or equivalent convertible currency Multiple entry 90 days US$ 100 or equivalent convertible currency Visa Extension: Tourists can stay for a maximum of 150 days in a visa year (Jan 1 to Dec31)/ Note: Visa fee is subject to change.
The weather is probably the best guide for deciding when to plan your trip to Nepal. October and November are considered the best times of the year. The monsoon will have just ended, and clear skies with optimal temperature will prevail. Seasons Nepal has four climatic seasons. The average temperature in Kathmandu during the four seasons: Spring (between March – May): 16-23 Degree Celsius Summer (between June – August): 23-25 Degree Celsius Autumn (between September – November):15-24 Degree Celsius Winter (between December – February): 9-12 Degree Celsius Temperature & Rainfall Nepal is the country of extremes. The low-land plains of the Terai can have tropical temperatures and also the mosquitoes. The Himalayas can get to sub-zero temperatures, but the sun blaze can bring some warmth during the day, even in the mountains. The temperature of Kathmandu goes below 1 Degree Celsius (34 Degree Fahrenheit) in winter and rises to an average of 25 Degree Celsius (77 Degree Fahrenheit) in summer.
Monsoon in Nepal is not the typical monsoon of Asia. Rains usually occur during the night-time leaving the sky clean and clear by the morning making the Himalayan view even more dramatic. Some parts of the Himalayas in Manang, Mustang and Dolpo are in rain-shadow areas; the mountains are high enough to block the clouds. Tibet’s high travel season also corresponds to Nepal’s monsoon
Nepal is one of the safest places in the world. Violent crimes are very rare, and the only real concern to a traveler is petty theft. However, if you take basic common sense precaution, there is nothing to fear. Don’t bring valuable things with you unless necessary for your trip. Keep your money and other valuables in a money belt or pouch strapped around your waist. Lock your bags and luggage
Not really. You will be fine in most well trafficked area. But if you will be trekking particularly in remote areas and during times of the year when there are fewer travelers (June-September), it is generally advisable to team up even though cases of trouble are few. Teaming up not only deters potential trouble-makers, of which there are not many, but also will be of help in case of any other emergency. You can easily find welcoming fellow tourists along popular trekking routes or in Kathmandu and Pokhara.
As in any poor country with enough “rich” foreigners, Nepal has its share of street beggars and middle-men touts trying to sell you everything from information to drugs. There is no need to be intimidated by them. If you are not interested, mind your own business or tell them to leave you alone. They will
Yes we can. But you have to pay 30% advance for the conformation trip. And also if you cancel then that 30% advance is not refundable
: You can choose the pre-made tour itinerary from our website and send your requirement to us. We will have our travel advisor help you with the further discussion. You can also pop up your own itinerary but have to consult our advisor to see if your proposition is feasible and doable
We accept major ways of payment: paypal  Western Union Agent wire transfer  Cash For Germany : you can pay direct to our agent who is in Germany
yes, there is free internet. And also you can use free wifi and computer printer in our office
Maybe, but as we are Nepal based Local Travel Agency, we know the road condition and the road distance very well. And most importantly we know the current permits situation here . For some tour destinations, it is probably not accessible. So it is suggested for us to design a more reasonable  tour itinerary for you, on the other hand you can specify your very detailed tour requests, unique requirements, interests, likes and dislikes, etc, we can customize a trip per your own wish.
Well we do give our clients understanding about their health issue, if they meet heave altitude issue when in nepal, we can talk with you for a plan B, if the trip is almost finished, there is no refund, or if your trip is just at the beginning, we will refund you some money such as the entrance tickets, and the hotel and car rental cancellation charge. We do not charge you outrageously as other agents did but they got bad reputation. If you are a wise traveller, you can easily check out which is good one and which is not.
Yes, we have to. We are able to a just the tour program very well if there are some urgent schedule changes because of flights. But there is no refund , on the other hand if there is some loss resulted from  flight, the airline company will have to offer some compensations accordingly, for egample, provide you accommodation, arrange you to flights suitable.
Special trekking permit must be acquired from the Department of Immigration, Kalikasthan, Kathmandu, for trekking to areas that fall under the Restricted Zone. For more information please log on to Trekking in any area or along any route except the specified area of route shall be deemed to be violation of law. Trekking permit should be kept along with the trekker while trekking. Trekking permit has to be shown to immigration employees or police it they so require.
District Regions/VDCs Permit Fee (USD) / Equivalent Taplejung District Kanchanjunga Region (Olangchung Gola, Lelep, Papung and Yamphudin VDCs) US$ 10 per person/Week (for the first 4 weeks) US$ 20 per person/Week (beyond 4 weeks) Sankhuwas-abha Kimathanka, Chepuwa, Hatiya and Pawakhola VDCs US$ 10 per person / Week ( for the first 4 weeks) US$ 20 per person / Week ( Beyond 4 weeks) Solukhumbu All the North West Regions of Chame (Namche VDC ) to Nangpala US$ 10 per person/Week (for the first 4 weeks) US$ 20 per person/Week (beyond 4 weeks) Dolakha Lamabagar Ward No.1 (Lepche) Gaurishanker Ward No. 1 (Beding 9 and Chhorolpa lake) area US$ 10 per person /Week Rasuwa District Thuman and Timure Region US$ 10 per person /Week Gorkha District Manaslu Region (Lho, Samagaun, Prok, Bihi) September - November US$70/per person/Week (for a week or 7 days) US$10/per person/Day (Beyond a week or 7 days) December - August US$50 per person/Week (for a week) US$ 7 per person/Day (Beyond a week or 7days) Gorkha District Tsum Valley of Gorkha District Areas of Chhekampar and Chunchet VDCs (Sirdibas- Lokpa-Chumling-Chhhekam- par- Nile-Chhule Area) September - November US$ 35 per person / 8 days December - August US$25 per person / 8 days Manang Thoche (North of Tilche village), Na, Phu VDCs September - November US$90 per person /Week December - August US$ 75 per person /Week Mustang Lhomanthang, Charang, Chhondup,Chhotsher, Surkhang, Ghami, Chhusang, Sangdagaun of Kagbeni VDC and way to Tilicho lake (Jomsom VDC) US$500 per person (for the first 10 days) US$ 50 per person /Day ( beyond 10 days) Dolpa Upper Dolpa Bhijer, Saldang, Tinze, Chharka and Mukot US$500 per person (for the first 10 days) US$ 50 per person /Day ( beyond 10 days) Dolpa Lower DolpaAll other 18 VDCs (out of 23) of Dolpa District US$ 10 per person /Week Mugu Mugu, Dolpu, Pulu, Bhangri US$90 per person (for the first 7 days or a week) US$15 per person /Day ( beyond 7 days) Humla Simikot, Yari ,Limi and Muchu VDCs, Regions of Dharma VDC ( way to Tibet via Tangekhola) US$50 per person (for the first 7 days or a week) US$ 7 per person/Day (( beyond a week or 7 days) Bajhang Areas of Kanda, Saipal and Dhuli VDCs US$ 90 per person ( For a week or seven days) US$ 15 per person/Day ( Beyond a week or seven days) Darchula Areas of Byas VDC US$ 90 per person ( For a week or seven days) US$ 15 per person/Day ( Beyond a week or seven days)